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Response Like Whoah!

So wow, got a pretty good response to the idea for a DoomCo production. You better believe I will be talking to each and every one of you individually and those of you who did not respond, know that I will be talking to you too!

Like I said in my initial post, this is a huge maybe, but at worst it is a fun thing to toy around with so please bare with me. If after bounding it around a bit more it really seems feasible I will make a list of some kind to start discussing things as a group, get some real ideas on what to perform and how it might all work.

Feel feel to comment here with ideas/criticisms/bitches about it to get the ball rolling. If you have people you think I could tap let me know. I want to keep it smallish as in friends, but every bit is going to help. At this point I am kinda open to anything. I really want this to be guerrilla theater.

Art for the Sake of Art.
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